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Public Transportation

Public transportation is the least expensive way to get around. However, it can be very crowded and a hassle, but at the same time interesting. And it is always an adventure.
Unless you are comfortable with up to 7 adults in a car (or 21 in a mini-bus), and some of the fastest driving you've ever seen, we recommend a charter or rent a car for your stay.

However if you are adventurous or need to do it on a budget, public transportation serves all of the main towns on the island. Even small villages are served by taxis or minibuses.


For example, hiring a driver from the Montego Bay Airport is about US$140 (per car) and takes 2-3 hours. By public transport, it’s about $50 (per person) and takes 4-5 hours.

If you decide to use public transport from Montego Bay airport, ask for the bus park and tell them Treasure Beach. After trying to get you to charter them for a straight drive, they should put you on a Savannah-la-Mar ('Sav' to the locals) bus and pack you in with the other passengers. From Sav, take a Whitehouse taxi, then a Black River taxi, and from there a Treasure Beach taxi.Tell the driver you want to go to Fort Charles.

Please note: Public transportation typically runs between 6am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Service on Sunday is light between larger towns and sporadic at best for smaller villages.
A route taxi runs a set route and picks up and drops off anywhere along the way. A charter is a hired car which does not stop for people along the way. On buses, you generally pay when you reach half way. The conductor will ask for 'all fares' at the appropriate time. In taxis, you pay when you reach your destination. Never pay ahead of time.

Please speak to us about your ground transportation since Route Taxis are hard to get !

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Rent a car

Renting a car in Jamaica definitely gives you maximum flexibility to explore the island to your own liking. However, it is not for the faint-hearted as the driving is done on the left, road signs are sporadic, stray cows and goats like to walk in the road and Jamaicans drive fast. And then there are the numerous potholes. Not every driver can do it without damaging the car. But if you drive with care and patience it can be done.

Both airports have several car-rental agencies throughout the island. To rent a car, you will need a valid driver's license and can use either a credit card or cash for payment. Costs for gas, a 16.5% tax or insurance coverage are not included in the rental price of a car.

We recommend, not to drive in the dark. If you arrive late and want to pick up a car in Montego Bay, we recommend a friend's guesthouse, some 7 km outside of the town center, where you can stay over night and where you can hire a car the next morning.

Currently there is no local car rental in Treasure Beach. Speak to us about your transportation.

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Charter Taxis

Your best bet is to check with where you are staying and ask them who they recommend. Most guest houses and villas have drivers they recommend for airport transfers and tours. Some are Jamaica Tourist Board licensed, some are not. Another option is negotiating with public transportation drivers to charter (hire exclusively) them for your trip.


FYI: vehicles with red license plates are licensed to carry public passengers. White license plates denote a private vehicle. Please note that whatever means of transportation you decide to choose, you are doing so on your own risk.

Taxi drivers usually drive a certain route, and are very busy until about 10 o’clock a.m. So please understand if a taxi driver is delayed. Jamaican roads give unforseen problems. If you select the driver as proposed we can say that they are very reliable and reputable. How long you have to wait for a taxi driver depends where he is on his route when you call.We recommend to give him 24 hrs advanced notice.

We recommend calling a taxi driver from the area who will not overcharge.

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Rent a scooter

At this time there is one scooter rental in Treasure Beach. It is run by a local organization. Scooters will be delivered directly to the house. If you are renting for more than a few days, you will get a really good rate. Please ask

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Rent a bike

There are a few bike rentals around, but things are very "sometimish" in Jamaica. Please ask.

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